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100% unprocessed 12A Grade Remy Human Hair Bundles (Deep Wave)

100% unprocessed 12A Grade Remy Human Hair Bundles (Deep Wave)

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Our exclusive Raw South Indian hair (single-donor) sets a benchmark in quality and uniqueness. Collected meticulously from the top echelons of South Indian temples, this hair is inherently soft, bouncy, and possesses a naturally silky allure, making it our premium offering. It's imperative to understand that every bundle is 100% raw  and distinctive; variations in texture and color are inevitable. 

Single-donor hair refers to strands carefully gathered from one individual, ensuring complete consistency throughout the weft. In this category, every strand on the weft originates from a single person, resulting in superior quality characterized by uniformity and meticulous selection from chosen donors.

Remy hair is the highest grade of human hair extensions because the cuticles are kept intact and facing the same direction. They are not stripped which is what happens in most other non-remy hair extensions.



If you need customised hair e.g. highlights or another colour, please reach out to us on the contact us page

Please note that our human hair goes up to 40 inches, contact us if you require longer hair

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